ISO Transfers

Make the Move

CVI Certification are a very competitive Certification Body and many organisations have moved to CVI Certification to SAVE MONEY IN THE CURRENT CLIMATE.

Transfer from another certification body:

If your existing certificate includes the logo of an accreditation body such as UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) or ANAB (American National Accreditation Board), or INAB(Irish National Accreditation Board) you can transfer to CVI Certification without the need for a stage one audit .

To receive our great customer focused service simply follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the online certification questionnaire.
  2. A quotation will be forwarded to you. The fact you are currently certified there will be no application fee(stage 1 audit).
  3. Send on the completed application form on the back of the quotation, a copy of your current registration certificate and the latest audit report.
  4. We will issue certification to your company.
  5. When your next assessment visit would have been due with your old certification provider we will then audit your company.

We are very customer focused and we offer value-added service, as we believe that auditing should be for continual improvement rather than just a regular check to ensure that requirements are being complied with. We give companies the true benefits of certification.